Bright annealing lines
for stainless steel 

Our first bright annealing line (BAL) was supplied by Drever International in 1961 - since then many followed. We supply both horizontal and vertical bright annealing lines for the demanding production of bright-annealed strip.

A bright annealing line can process cold rolled stainless steel strip of the AISI 300 and 400 types in widths from 300 mm to 1350 mm and strip thicknesses from 0.025 mm to 1.6 mm. The maximum throughput is 15 t/h at a speed of 70 m/min. 

High production bright annealing furnaces are arranged vertically. They operate with a protective gas atmosphere of up to 100% hydrogen under overpressure and thus generate a perfect glossy surface.  

Special seals at the entry and exit side of the furnace minimize protective gas losses. This vertical annealing furnace is heated by electrical energy. Therefore it can be operated in a highly environmental friendly manner.

The annealing temperatures are from 830°C to 1200°C. 

A special strip stabilizing system makes it unnecessary to use guide rolls so that there is no risk for the strip surface to be damaged. Special cooling section design ensures a homogeneous cooling of the strip along its width and improves the strip flatness. 

A visual inspection system controls the strip pass. Mathematical models adjust the process parameters.

In the following you will find an overview of different options for Bright Annealing Lines :


  • Vertical 
  • Horizontal 


  • Heating elements 
  • Direct flame burners with muffle in horizontal concept 


  • Convection cooling with hydrogen contents of up to 100% 

Drever International delivers

  • The annealing furnace and the cooling section 
  • The control system and a mathematical model of the furnace 

Our parent company, SMS group and its affiliates deliver all the other equipment of the line.
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