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Each generation faces great challenges. Ours is on a planetary scale: how to maintain climatic conditions that ensure reasonable  life for all humanity. The actions required to meet this challenge are as much individual, such as opting for short supply chains and moderating consumption, as they are collective and decided by governments, such as the integration of environmental costs into the price of goods, for example the tax on CO2 emissions.

Drever International started to take this approach in 2000, and contributed to the reduction of gas consumption by introducing a gas-fired radiant tube (W) with a burner that improves efficiency by more than 15%. In 2011, a further step was taken with the use if modulating on/off combustion control.

The development of new high-strength steels has been accompanied by more efficient gas jet coolers and the direct injection of hydrogen into the cooling section. In the production of silicon steel for magnetic circuits in motors and transformers, Drever's designs have proven their effectiveness in ensuring low magnetic losses.

New directions, such as the use of electrical energy for product heating, have been proven for many years in bright annealing and stainless steel.

Drever's innovative spirit, which is embedded in our core values, enables us to approach the implementation of new heating and production techniques with optimism.

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About us

Drever International is one of the world's leading industrial equipment manufacturers. Our company supplies a central part of the plant: the furnace, galvanizing furnace, annealing furnace, stainless steel furnace and more recently electric steel furnace. Since the founding of our company more than 50 years ago, we have recorded over 500 contracts for new equipment and for modernization of existing installations.

Drever International is above all about men and women who strive for excellence. A team of individual talents who serves the common interest and pushes the boundaries of technology. Our team listens to the needs of our customers, proposes creative solutions and fulfills itself in their satisfaction.

Drever International is characterized by its audacity and commitment to prepare for the challenges of the future. A first key challenge is to limit the environmental impact of steel production (Green Steel). New qualities of steel are being launched, requiring new treatment processes and thus the compliance of installations. The prospects for the electric motor, the technological revolution and the resulting potential market confirm that our market is constantly evolving and still full of opportunities.

Our mission

To remain at the forefront of technology and design efficient, innovative and effective heat treatment facilities that anticipate our customers' requirements and thereby ensure their satisfaction.

Our values


We combine our skills to develop creative solutions that we evaluate on the basis of rigorous standards.


We combine our strengths and take a meticulous approach to creating high quality products and providing services of which we are proud.


We combine our knowledge to provide constructive, sustainable and well-thought-out solutions as quickly as possible.


We promote independence and decision making. We recognize risk taking and the right to make mistakes.


We value a positive attitude and responsibility at all levels. We are passionately committed to delivering on our promises.

Team spirit

We share our experiences to achieve results in the collective interest. We thrive on meeting shared challenges in a spirit of listening, respecting others and mutual support, especially in difficult times. We communicate in a totally transparent and constructive manner.


In order to know where you are going, you need to know where you came from. 

The origins of our company go back to the inter-war period more precisely 1930. Drever Company was founded in Philadelphia, USA, by Horace Drever. Mr. Drever was one in a line of great engineers who developed modern metallurgical technologies and left their name to posterity.

Horace Drever

The history of Drever and the SMS Group continues to be written every day by the people who work, invest in and proudly represent them. Our staff carries our values and mission.


The excellent reputation of our group of companies as suppliers of quality products and services in the fields of metallurgical plant engineering is an important factor in competition. As essential foundation of the trust placed in our company by customers, suppliers and the public is our respect for and adherence to legal and statutory provisions as well as company-internal rules and regulations (Compliance). Appropriate actions and conduct of every employee are the precondition for this.

 The Code of Conduct specifies general requirements which shall provide standards and orientation for our daily work and thus contribute to strengthening our company’s reputation. The Code of Conduct is valid worldwide and binding for all employees of Drever International S.A. and SMS group.

In case of questions or remarks please contact the Compliance Department via the central e-mail address or our Local Compliance Officer via

Trustworthy hints

We take confidential incident reporting seriously. It is our aspiration as a company to become better every time, every day. Therefore it is very important to us that we are made aware of any misconduct or any violations of our Code of Conduct. If you feel that you should report an incident, please do not hesitate to contact the Compliance Department via the central e-mail address or our Local Compliance Officer via You may also use the SMS group incident reporting system which also guarantees that your observations are treated 100% confidentially, securely and anonymously. We highly appreciate your reporting of every single incident you may become aware of. And, please rest assured that we will treat all them with utmost confidentiality.