In the current situation of protective measures being taken all over the world to contain the spread of the COVID-19 virus, production of the first coil was an extraordinary challenge, which the teams of Aperam and SMS group – working in close partnership – mastered successfully. Besides mechanical equipment, process technology, furnace technology, electrical and automation systems, the scope of supply included technical support during installation and commissioning.

The line processes both austenitic and ferritic grades. With the commissioning of state-of-the-art and future-oriented plant technology, Aperam enlarges its product range by material grades for the most demanding applications and improves lead-time and flexibility to meet the upcoming market demands. The line also increases efficiency and cost competitiveness of the production. 

The line stands out due to its high degree of automation and resource-saving processes and is equipped, in addition to a horizontal Drever International annealing furnace and a multi-stage pickling section, with a four-high skin-pass mill stand and a side trimmer. The new annealing and pickling line is the second SMS group installed at Aperam’s Genk site.