Plate quench 

Our plate quenches (PQs) enable our customers to process steel plates with a flexible cooling strategy and a very high uniformity to meet the highest demands regarding the flatness of the plate.

The plate quench was originally designed for the production of High Strength Low Alloy (HSLA) plates. Plates are delivered to the quench at high speed from the heat-treatment furnace. Once the plate is in position, the roll drive is stopped and the rolls lowered hydraulically so that the plate lies on the lower platen bed of the machine. Upper platens are then lowered onto the plate. Water sprays then operate for a pre-determined period cooling the plate below the desired temperature. Upon completion of the quenching period the platens are opened, the rolls lifted and the plate is driven from the machine to the discharge table.

For leaner chemistry steels such as Low Carbon Manganese Steels the roller pressure quench is used. In this machine the plate travels continuously from the austenizing furnace to the discharge table through the quench.

The speed of travel is a function of the plate thickness. The plate travels between two sets of rollers into the high intensity area of the quench. In this area the plate is subjected to high volumes of water flow issuing through water curtains. The length and intensity of the high intensity area are such that the plate exits the section with a temperature below the Mf temperature.

After passage through the high intensity section the plate passes through an area of low intensity where any residual heat is removed from the plate. The flatness of the plate in the roller pressure quench is a function of balancing the water flows on the upper and lower surfaces of the plate. 

In the following you will find an overview of different options for plate quenches: 


  • Batch plate quench 
  • Roller pressure quench

Drever International delivers

  • The quench system
  • The control system and a mathematical model of the quench

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