New snout design

For automotive exposed parts, the surface quality of the metallic coating is of prime importance. The dross particles created during the galvanization process must be kept away from the strip, and the operators are keeping a constant attention to the interface between the strip and the metallic bath.

Drever International has developed a new snout design that encompasses the most advanced technologies:

  • Improved double shutter to maintain the tightness of the furnace when the snouts is removed out of the bath
  • A retraction movement of the snout to allow the maintenance of the sink roll and of the shoe
  • A tilting movement of the snout to control the strip path to the sink roll
  • An innovative system to reduce zinc dust formation, and to avoid zinc dust to move up in the snout
  • A continuous cleaning system of the zinc bath near the strip, including zinc pumps
  • High resolution cameras to continuously inspect the metallic coating bath surface

New snout design dedicated for automotive exposed parts

Double shutter

Double shutter

The aim of the double shutter is to avoid entry of air into the furnace when the snout is removed out of the metallic bath.

Retraction movement of 375 mm


A large compensator at the top of the main casing allows the retraction of the snout. The retraction facilitates the replacement of the sink roll and maintenance of the shoe.

Seal, and tilting system


The atmosphere composition into the snout is perfectly controlled to reduce the formation of zinc dust.

Moreover, a mechanic seal ensures that the zinc dust created will not move up into the snout.

To provide a perfect control of the feeding of the strip on the sink roll, the snout can be tilted.

Shoe dedicated to automotive exposed parts


Drever International has integrated the latest technologies in the design of a shoe as well. Zinc pumps are used to maintain a continuous cleaning of the interface between the strip and metallic coating bath.

Bottom of the snout, with the shoe

Inspection cameras

Inspection cameras have been included in the design of the snout to allow the operators to have a continuous vision of the surface of the metallic coating in the shoe.

New snout generation, ready to be shipped to the customer

Quality tests

The snouts are intensively tested in the workshop before shipment to the customers.