Tube annealing lines 

Our tube annealing lines (TALs) are used to produce bright-annealed tubes made of stainless steel, nickel and titanium alloys.

In these lines annealing takes place in an oxygen-free, inert atmosphere with high hydrogen content. The tubes are characterized by a shiny, reflective appearance and a high corrosion resistance. Typical areas of application are nuclear power plants, aerospace industry or chemical processes and some other areas where, in addition to the characteristics of the material itself, high-grade, reflective surfaces and increased corrosion resistance are required. 

The lines consist of a charging table with fixed rollers to carry the bundles to the entry tunnel, a heating, soaking and cooling section as well as an exit tunnel and an exit purge.

The lines are designed for tubes in a length up to 30 meters and diameters up to 60 millimeters. Tube thickness is up to 6 mm. 

Our CONVECOOL system ensures a fast cool down of the belt and load to their final temperature to achieve the required mechanical properties.

In the following you will find an overview of different options for tube annealing lines: 


  • Mesh belt furnace 
  • Roller hearth furnaces 

Drever International delivers

  • The annealing furnace and cooling section 
  • The control system and a mathematical model of the furnace 

Our parent company, SMS group and its affiliates deliver all the other equipment of the line.
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