Dedicated control system 

Push your control system to a new level.

Based on our long experience of the different processes of heat treatment of steel coils, we are permanently improving our control system to provide the best performance. A powerful control of the process is mandatory for the product quality but the control system is also capable of anticipating various undesirable phenomena inherent to the heat treatment. Our expertise on control system is wide and can help you improve existing control system in various ways.


Optimize your line!

Today, steel producers face a high variability of products on their schedule as well as the now coming new steel generations. The pressure from the market for high quality products at the best possible price has never been so high.

On-line controlling heavy inertial equipment like continuous annealing furnaces requires skilled operators. In response to this situation, Drever International implements MOSA, innovative developments in mathematical models for steel annealing control.

Intelligent Furnace

Upgrade your hardware & software!

The industry enters a new era, where digitalization will open numerous possibilities to enhance the quality of the manufactured products. High quality production is handled thanks to the highest level of knowledge combined with the state of art production tools. This requires the continuous optimization of the furnace, the continuous improvement of the way it is used and controlled, but also a proper maintenance of its components. To achieve that level of performance, it is necessary to upgrade the furnace and install suitable monitoring equipment to acquire, store and analyse a large quantity of signals.